Adult Services

The Cerebral Palsy League’s Adult Services provides Day Habilitation and Transportation for adults with developmental disabilities.

Day Habilitation

The Cerebral Palsy League’s Day Habilitation program provides a safe, respectful and stimulating environment. It teaches participants skills they can use to become active members of their community. Participants receive center and community-based learning opportunities, allowing growth in all areas of development and independence. Some skill sets that are developed include:

Daily Living Skills - Cooking, Cleaning, Communication, Money Recognition, and Social Skills
Health - Fitness Training, Recreation, and Wellness Services
Knowledge - Word Processing, Internet Navigation, and Reading

The program is person-centered, giving participants more choices over their daily activities. Participants have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest; become more involved within their communities; develop communication and interpersonal skills; and pursue personal goals. There is no "typical day" in the program. Each participant's day is planned based on his/her Individual Service Plan (ISP). Daily activities may include computer work, exercise, gardening, shopping, volunteering, and community activities. These activities are always designed to encourage a higher level of independence and growth for the participants.


The Cerebral Palsy League offers transportation services to participants so they can safely and conveniently access services, activities and resources at the center and in the community. The service provides curb to curb pickup and staffs every vehicle with a minimum of one CDL driver and aide.

For more information about the Cerebral Palsy League’s Adult Services programs call 908-709-1800 Ext. 1114.

Cranford, New Jersey: 61 Myrtle Street / 75 Rod Smith Place, Cranford, NJ 07016, Phone: 908-709-1800
Union, New Jersey: 373 Clermont Terrace, Union, NJ 07083

The Cerebral Palsy League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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